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Electric Mill Roll Stand

Short Description:

Purpose and Characteristics:

Single roll with four arms, Mill rolls on both arms can be bearing at the same time.
Round-plate type manual brake, the web tension is adjusted at any time.
Clamping and rotary structure set fixed torque clutch, operate safety.
Maximum paper roll diameter: φ1400 mm–φ1800mm.
Maximum weight: 2T.

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Structural features

The symmetrical structure can be installed with two bundles of paper cylinders at the same time, which can be used for paper changing without stopping the machine; the mechanical drive is used to complete the clamping, lifting, loosening, moving, centering, left and right translation of the base paper.


Manual disc brake, with limit screw and tooth type chuck under it.

The main frame is 14 channel steel and ¢ 20 mm cold drawn round steel, and the length of ground rail is 6000 mm.

Each paper holder is equipped with two paper loading trolleys, which can simultaneously load paper from both sides.

paper clamping range: maximum: 1400-2200mm, minimum: 600mm

paper clip diameter: maximum: ¢ 1400mm; minimum: ¢ 400mm

Maximum single side load: 2000kg

Power motor parameters


Paper clamping motor 550W × 4 sets

lifting motor 1.5kw

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